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I was so sick of seeing dick pill ads. I just want to watch a little porn, have some fun with myself and call it a night. But after being bombarded by dick pill ads I finally started looking into them. I thought it was total horseshit. 4 inches in 4 weeks? Give me a break. If a pill could add 4 inches in 4 weeks it would be on the cover of Time Magazine not sold by some scumbag on a porno site.

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I am writing this to give my sincere endorsement of Ron Jeremy 5. I have been taking it for over three months now and my sex life has improved dramatically. I am into fitness and bought P90X. That product literally transformed my body. It was very difficult, but the results were dramatic.

Ron Jeremy 5 is kind of like P90X for your penis. I am bigger, harder and my orgasms are stronger and more forceful. I can have sex twice a night - something I couldn't do for years. I'm a married guy and sex is important to my wife and me. We don't have a bunch of money so sex takes on a great role in our marriage. These pills have made our sex life better. My wife can feel the difference. She calls them magic pills. All I can tell you is that when we get behind closed doors and go at it now - I reach a whole new level. Great product. So is P90X. I recommend them both very highly.
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I'm a 34-year-old guy. I'm in great shape, I make great money. But my dick has always been kind of an embarrassment to me. I think I am driven to succeed financially and physically to over compensate for my small penis. I was about 4 ½ inches. I have always been self-conscience. Seeing all the guys in porn with elephant sized cocks didn't help matters. Lol

So I finally decided to try a few pills. I was curious and my upside was huge and if they didn't work - well I would be no worse off. I don't want to bash any other companies, but I tried 3 products that didn't do much of anything. But I am writing to say Ron Jeremy 5 is fantastic. I feel like a guy who has spent his life walking around short and is suddenly tall! Imagine going from 5'6" to 5'10" - that would be a huge improvement.

I'm not some 9" monster and I'm probably only a little bigger than an average 6" penis now, but it is the greatest feeling in the world. I went to a top 25 university, and I am prouder of my new bigger penis than I am of my college diploma!

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